Thursday, August 1, 2013

How This Blog Started & How I've Suffered Because Of It

I don't know who is reading and how many people actually read this. There are times when I feel I'm just talking to myself. I started this all for a reason. God pulled me to this, I took it, and ran. I don't blog for attention. I don't blog for people to feel bad for me. The one and only reason I do it is for people to know they aren't alone in mental illness, loneliness, and/or abuse.
This is has been really hard. Sharing my journey hasn't been easy. Because my life is on black and white for the whole world to see I'm judge. I'm "that girl" at highschool. I'm the girl that people whisper about as I walk by. People avoid me and I've been left with little to no friends in all honesty. I didn't choose to have this life. I didn't choose to be abused by my father yet everyone acts as if its my fault. High school has been hell. 
I blog because when I was from the age of 5-11 I was sexual abused and raped. While it was going on my mom was out of town. While it was going on my either turned his head along with the rest of my family. Fast forward to now they still turn their head. I never had a voice. I finally am standing up and speaking out. The reason I write is to allow others to speak out as well. I want to let anyone who is reading this, if anyone is, that you aren't alone, you're not a freak, and it isn't your fault. I hope me writing gives you the courage to have a voice as well.

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  1. Let me just say...I just stumbled upon your blog by a random google search and thank God I did! God is speaking right through you directly to me! Just know your blog is changing lives!!! it has brought me to tears. I may not be in high school (I'm 27) but I relate to you in so many ways! I have been looking for a blog that was honest, raw, and spoke truth! Thank you for being willing to allow God to use you to help others. The vulnerability and transparency of your words have touched my heart. You have inspired me to start a blog and spread the message that you can get through dark times by acknowledging the power of Gods grace. Never stop sharing your story. it's powerful! Once again, thank you!



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