Monday, July 29, 2013

Life Is Beautiful Despite Your Situation

  Despite the pain you may be expericing life is beautiful; however, you have to choose to see it that way. Trust me this isn't easy. I have a laundry list of things that could break a person. I have every single reason and right to become an introvert and shut out the world. I could lose myself as a person and hide in a corner where I would forever remain. I will be honest life can get rough and comes with many storms but believe when I say there's hope. The smile on my face used to be fake. I wanted people to believe I was happy and perfect meanwhile I had a war in my mind. I hid the pain from my ex boyfriend, friends, and family. I was dealing with the rape I expeireicned, all of my father's abuse, an eating disorder, depression, aniexity, and suicide. All I could see was darkness. All of the sudden a burst of light came into my life. That light was named Jesus.
  He really is the ultimate best friend! He is happiness and that is a guraentee. With Him your insecurities vanish. I learned, and this is true for everybody, that I am His masterpiece. He took specicfic time to make me. He is so proud of His creation; therefor, we should  celebrate our bodies rather then trash then and strave ourselves. Girl, most of us are insecure why? You meet a curvy girl, get to know her, and reazlie it doesn't matter what's on the outside but rather the work Jesus does in our hearts. We are all beautiful because we are His masterpiece. After learnig this my eating disorder vanished and I love my buddah(aka my stomach that's not flat).
  Also, when learnig more about Jesus and becoming closer to him fear's grip on you dissapates and your worries vanish. I have no idea what will happen with my father, my bestfriend living in another state, or my future. Although I have no idea I don't fear the unknown. The creator of the universe has a plan specially for you. You're His princess why would he want anything bad for you.
   Finally, this pain and this life is temporary. If you confess your sins, want a relationship with Jesus, and give Him you're broken stained heart He will morph it into something beautiful. If that isn't enough when you die you get to join your best friend, Jesus, in a place called Heaven. Heaven it's pure bliss where everyone gets along, there is no sin, and joy is all you feel. Storms pass but know Jesus is holding your hand through it all. Knowing all of this I can't help but smile and this time It's genuine.
                                                                     To whom ever is reading this know I love you!

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