Monday, June 17, 2013

The Struggle of Fathers Day

I was dreading yesterday. Father's Day meant a day of grief, pain, and fear. A father in a girls life plays a big role. She's her protector and your his little girl. Thats why It's hard to accept the man who sexual abused you is your own father. To anyone who has never met their father, their father abandon you,  passed on, or abuse you I have a glimmer of joy.  

I woke on up Father's Day scared to what the day held. How would I feel? Would I have an attack? Would I get Arab message from mr. Kwiatkowski? As I sat down for quiet time my whole view on things changed. God reminded HE is my true father and the best father in the universe. He will never ever leave me or hurt me in any way. 

My father was never a role model. He corrupted me instead of raising me. God is the ultimate role model. He can not only reverse the pain & corruption but change my heart into a women of God. Despite the man mistakes I have and will make God still loves me SO mucho rapier my father. He never loved me he just used me, and when I was smart enough to realize what was happening was wrong he neglected me. 

With The Lord I'm whole and happy. It's completely true when saying a father is one of the most important part of your life. Luckily each an everyone of us has a Heavenly Father to love us and guide us. 

So it's true I don't have an earthly father. I don't even consider him a part of my life anymore but I do have a Heavenly Father. He's perfect, loving, kind, and forgiving. I can never hide from his presence. He's my best friend and will be for eternity. 

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