Saturday, June 15, 2013

Highschool Survival.

It's safe to say high school can be the best and/or worst time of your life depending on your situation and how you choose to look at it. Currently I'm experiencing the worst part. The pain is so deep. I struggle everyday dealing with my mental illnesses and abuse. I wish almost everyday that I was like any other teenage girl, but I've come to realize any teenager will have struggles and pain.. It's part of life and high school.

You'll experience and maybe experiencing loneliness. It's so hard to find real friends. Friends that stick by you no matter what. Because of being sexually abused I feel like a freak and it doesn't help when I'm treated like one. People won't talk to me and some of my friends have left me. Times get lonely. I may look like I have it all together but there are days I still feel like a loser. Thank God I have the King of Kings as my best friend. When times get lonely I just remember Gods promise to never leave me. Honestly people who only like one side of you aren't real friends so why would you want to be around them? It takes a while but there's always that one friend that ends up being family. They accept and embrace your every flaw. They inspire you and keep you grounded. They pick you up when your down. They're rare in Highschool but I promise they are out there. Whenever I'm lonely I pray and just hangout with my main Man I'm always in constant conversation with God which stops the loneliness and self doubts.  

This brings me to my second thing. Highschool is a time to truly find yourself, and you better believe you'll doubt every step of the way. I've lost myself so many times but what always brings me back is these promises: 
God loves me no matter what! No matter my size, appearance, my past, or my mistakes. 
He will never leave my side.
He has my WHOLE life planned out for me and while there are downs He has a wonderful plan for me. 
So don't compare yourself to other girls. Would I love to be 5'9 and 120? Well of course but God blessed me with a fully functional body that's healthy. I'm 5'2 & 130. I stand loud and proud. I'm beautiful because I was created by a masterpiece. 

Boys are cruel. They are immature and almost always end up hurting you in Highschool. We aren't mature enough to not hurt each other. All I can say it you love, laugh, cry, then move on. I don't regret going out with my ex. I was in love and enjoyed every second. I grew from that export ex and wouldn't change a thing. If you're ridding the struggle bus and have been single for a while no sweat! God already has your husband picked out. He's everything you dreamed and more. Trust God.

Finally don't worry about the future. You're going to go to college pick a major, change it, then change it again. Or maybe you won't go to college. Trust god for He created the universe. He can and already has taken care of your future. Work on being the eat you and getting closer to the Big Guy because at the end of the day he's all that matters. High school sucks at time but its a blimp on your life time. Enjoy the good parts and hold on to God during the bad parts.

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