Sunday, June 23, 2013

Freedom from Suffering

Pain has a powerful grip, I should know. Depression has a powerful grip. Anxiety, guilt, remorse, loneliness. These all have such a strong grip and want to ruin every second of your life. It's so easy to allow your circumstances to effect you and your being. It's so easy to give into my sorrow and be depressed. I mean I have evey right. The man I trusted the most, my father, betrayed me in the worst possible way. That would send any one into depression or worse, suicide. The harder thing to do is to wake up and despite the pain you smile. While yes I have plenty to cry about I also have so much to smile about. 

Hope is a really powerful thing. Faith is a powerful thing. These things are more powerful then your pain. Allowing your circumstances to control you leads to a path of destruction. There are still days I can't get out of bed and face reality. It's not easy but everyday you have to choose happiness. This life that brings you pain is only temporary. The pain shapes us and makes us stronger. 

Remind yourself you're loved. God is more powerful then any suffering you experience. Don't let your past or present have any more control over you. I'm done giving my father any power over me. He will not ruin my life. I won't give into the pain but rather allow it to make me a better person. 

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