Friday, May 3, 2013

Living Life the Way God Intended It To Be

This past week has been almost unbearable. The threats, the memories, the hurt. I am about over board and I need a break. I am one strong girl but right now I can't take it anymore. Tonight is the opening night of a musical I am in. I have no idea where all of this chaos happened this week but that monster has hurt me enough. I won't let him take away this weekend from me. I am giving this all up to God and just enjoying my performance without thinking of the pain I feel or my dark past.

Trying to figure out what how I was abused and revealing more terrible memories I blocked out is exhausting and to say the least pure hell. Life can throw you so many curve balls. If you would have told me two years ago this would all happened there's no way Id believe it. The depression, being hospitalized, having my first heart break, and being abused I know the only reason I keep pushing is because of God. There is plenty of confusing ugliness in my life but this weekend I choose to look at the beauty. Spring is finally here. I was blessed with a talent to sing, dance, and act. The feeling I get when I am on stage is like no other. I am surrounded by amazing, loving people. God is good and I will make it through this awful time.

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