Saturday, April 27, 2013

Still Hung Up on Your Ex

I am mortified to say I still haven't moved on from my ex. I am holding on because I am scared. I went out with him for all the wrong reasons but that's beside the point. Most often I have great days where he  doesn't even cross my mind; however, there are days when the things get rough... I just mean brutal and all I want is for him to hug, but I know that will never happen. We are on terrible terms to say the least, and that's not changing so I need to accept it and move on. It's rather embarrassing when your ex is already going on dates while you still cry yourself to sleep. All around not good.

I need God to help me through this and this is what He told me:
-he is just ONE boy
-I already have your dream guy picked out for you and he is waiting to come into your life in my perfect timing
-He deserves to be happy just as much as you so instead of being jealous just smile because you know he is smiling
-This new girl will never be better then you because there will NEVER be a better you. She is beautiful and special in her own way, just like you
-Right now, with all the turmoil in your life, you can't have a guy in your life
-You are learning to be a strong, independent women who relies on Me, Your God, opposed to a boy

Hearing Him say that helped so much. In my personal, humble opinion boys are too immature at this age. I wanted someone who I could sit and talk with for hours. I wanted a guy who could easily sense my depression was taking over that day and would surprise me at my door with a box of trail mix and a kiss. I wanted a guy would take me to the art museum and sing with me until we lost our voices. That person is out there. He is a man not a boy, but I have to wait until God believes we are both ready.

Getting over an ex seems like mission impossible... specially when he moved on so darn quick. You feel like some loser but don't! Your dream guy is out there. Just be patient because God has a plan. Being single has actually been a blessing and we were meant to break up. I have learned so much, and now I know I can't be in a relationship until I can be happy with myself without anyone's approval or sweet talking. Us teenage girls are strong and don't need an immature boy who is just as confused as we are. As teenagers we are a hot mess. I was NEVER the perfect girlfriend. Heck, I became the crazy ex. One minute I loved him and the next I wanted to punch a wall. I am learning to enjoy my single life and I am finding myself more and more each day.

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