Saturday, April 13, 2013

Every Girl Needs Her Man

It's so obvious how important guys are in a girls life. We go our whole lives searching for a guy who can make us feel whole. You can make us feel loved and cared for. In the process, we just get our heart broken.

Well, all the men in my life have let me down, shown me time and time again they don't care, and left me alone with a broken heart. That's all I want is a guy to ask me how I'm doing and actually care about my response. I felt as if I didn't have this. All the men in my life could care less about me and have no love for me. It left me feeling empty and searching.

I feel all alone and have been waking up depressed more and more each morning... but he doesn't care. I feel as if I'm drowning and everyone around me is just watching. I feel alone in a crowded room. I feel all of these things but he still doesn't care. The saddest thing is, he knows what I have been through and how I feel and still acts like I am invisible. All of this is enough to make a girl die inside and give up, but not me. I would be a liar if I said I wasn't sad and I felt whole all the time. I don't and there are a lot of nights where I just cry myself to sleep thinking and them. I would be completely lost if it wasn't for Jesus. He is the main man in my life. I know He cares and loves me. Sometimes it doesn't feel that way but I know He does. I am in so much pain right now but I am going to hold on hope and know Jesus will pull me through.

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