Friday, March 29, 2013

Most Important Blog Yet

I have tried to kill myself multiple times. I get what it's like to have that overwhelming feeling. You have no where else to turn. You cut because you think you deserve it, you hate yourself. or you're tired of being "numb". I get it. You feel alone or unloved. Your boyfriend broke up with you so you don't feel good enough. Everytime you pass by a mirror you want to break it because you can't stand the sight of yourself. Your father abandoned you so how can any one love you. Luckily, God has pulled me through all these dark thoughts. Next time you get in that place reflect on what you are about to read. 

There was chill guy named Jesus. Pretty awesome guy. God sent down His only son to die for YOU! This is what Jesus went through just for you: First He beaten. Then He was flogged(which is like whipped but the leather was thicker and covered in glass) After He had to carry a 400lb. cross up a hill. His hands and feet were then nailed to the cross. After the lifted it up and slammed it into the ground. Everytime He had to breath He had to use every big of strength to lift himself up. Now I know that was really graphic but you need to understand what He want through. As people were mocking him and spitting at Him He looked up in the sky and thought of YOU! He died to take all of our sins so we can be in a relationship with the heavenly father, God. He loved you so much that He went through pure agony. He died a sinners death which He did not deserve. He knew some people would still regret the gift of God's love but He still did it because He knew some would. So next time you as if no one loves you remember the cross. God's loving thoughts of YOU, personally, out number the grains of sand on this Earth.

Suicide isn't the answer. You will make it through but God is holding your hand through it all. In your time of need cry out for Him and He will comfort you. 

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