Monday, March 25, 2013

Free Yourself

When I was diagnosed with panic disorder, post dramatic stress syndrome, and depression I thought I was a freaked. I was mortified and was going to make sure no one would find out. The days I was too depressed to go to school I would tell my friends that I was sick. I was living a lie. I acted like everything was going great while I was slowly dying on the inside. I was battling to stay alive but to everyone else it looked like I had the perfect life. Depression had a hold on me and it's grip was almost too tight to bear. 

Having depression is actually a blessing because I have learned so much and grown. I learned that I didn't choose to have this. It is a disease, just like diabetes. No one thinks people with diabetes are freaks so why would it be any different with depression. I came out about my depression and aniexty two and a half months ago. Depression had loosened it's grip on me. It was on of the most freeing feelings in the world. My life became an open book in hopes of others knowing they aren't alone. I will never take back that decision because so much positive came out of it. People reached out to me and I began to get so much support. Also I felt free and unashamed. I was no longer living with this giant secret and I didn't have to pretend. So, if you have depression don't be embarrassed. All of us need to band together and beat this disease! I am always here for you. Come out about your depression and loosen depression's grip. Say screw you to your disease. 

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