Tuesday, February 26, 2013

This One is For the Girls

Boys. High school. Pain. Relationships can be amazing and heat breaking all at the same time. You start by seeing him. Your heart races and this uncontrollable smile comes on your face. Oh my goodness and when he smiles your heart melts, but he is gone now and you're left with a broken heart. You spend every minute thinking about him. You ask yourself, "What does she have that I don't." or "I bet he doesn't he think about me." You replay everything in your head and wonder what you could have done differently or if you could have said something else. So you change your hair, loose weight, and tweet about missing him hoping he will see. Your phone is glued to your side hoping to see that familiar name pop up on your screen and make everything better. The worst part of all of this, he looks as if he has moved on without a bump or bruise. You cry yourself to sleep and feel like a part of you is missing. You go about life and every little thing reminds you of him. I remember going through all of these things. You may think he's moved on but you're wrong. Boys are afraid to show their emotions, which I think is stupid because a real man isn't afraid to be emotional, but any how he is hurt but he won't show it. The pain you are feeling, he is feeling as well.

 I felt crazy, sad, misunderstood, worthless, unloved, empty, and not good enough until I looked out my window and saw the bright, beautiful sun shinning down on me. I remembered that there is no reason to feel this way. I am so loved by Jesus that He died for me. He loves me no matter my weight, hair color, height, or anything. I could and do mess up thousands of times a day and yet He arms remain wide open. Moving seems impossible but it can be done when you realize Jesus is your main man! No one can love you more then he can. Okay, think of the person you love the most.... now think about being beaten and whipped for them. After that and you are nearly dead now think about being nailed to a cross. I love you but I am sorry I could NEVER imagine that. But Jesus wanted to, and as He was on that cross he looked up and thought of YOU! So no man can make you feel the way He will. He was saved my life by his love, mercy, grace, and forgiveness.

If that isn't enough God has this wonderful plan for you. He already has the perfect husband picked out for you. He is everything you have dreamed of. You know that feeling you get watching a Nicholas Spark's movie. You long for something like that, well, the best love stories just take longer to write. Hold on because He is out there for you and no that no matter what Grant, Matt, Jack, or whoever else says it doesn't matter because Jesus is the REAL man.

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  1. Amazing! I'm not a teenager and this really brought me to tears. I pray that you will continue to be led by The Holy Spirit!!! Your posts will help people more than you know.


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