Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Truth About Me

I am Kaitlin Kwiatkowski and let's just say life hasn't exactly been a walk in the park. I was diagnosed was severe depression and aniexty this summer. It’s been a real struggle but God has saved me. He holds my hand and every day and whispers in my hear, “I love you, keep pushing.” My goal is to let as many teenagers know they aren’t alone in this battle of depression. I get it, everyday is a battle, but if you’re still reading this that means you’re winning. Honestly God’s love is what keeps me going. He is my everything and gives me strength everyday to keep psuhing. I’m always here to talk, it’s completely conifendial, and I will never judge. I will make a daily blog about how I am feeling. It will be raw and real but I think you will relaize you’re not alone in the way you feel. I have been through it all and I’m here to listen and talk. I don’t know you but I already love you. Stay strong and keep pushing.

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